Rebecca "Fireplug" was a year-round athlete in high school, studied the alto saxophone for 8 years and was part of her high school swing choir. Discovering fire arts in 2000, she began training in fire and flow arts in 2003 which lead her, as senior performer, manage her soon-to-be-co-company, Machina Candeo (fire circus), from 2004-2009. In 2008 she was brought on board with Cirque du Soleil's Cirque du Monde program for youth as a Social Circus coach for Los Angeles. In the fall of 2010 she moved into a coordination coaching position with the Cirque du Monde program in Santa Monica at the Police Activities League. Rebecca then expanded her training and skills into stilts, juggling, costuming and make-up. She has worked and trained with with Onisha Moore, Stilt Circus, Zircon Aerial Entertainment, Roy Johns Presents, The Girls on Stilts, Way 2 Much Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil/Cirque du Monde, Lucent Dossier, Cirque Berzerk, Zen Arts, Jumbo Shrimp Circus, Le Studio, plus others. Her television and commercial work includes KFC, Ellen Degeneres, TBS, Toyota, Anger Management, Pitbull, SyFy channel and more. From January-April of 2012 Rebecca traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, to train in and coordinate programs at Zip Zap Circus School, Doctors Without Borders and surrounding township Khayelitsha. In 2012, Rebecca was brought on as a teacher for "After-school Cornucopia,” a non-profit organization in the Culver City Unified School District. Here Rebecca teaches the program's first circus classes for children.


Rebecca is available for private parties, corporate events, festivals, tours, and more.