Music without instruments. Vocal band. A cappella. No matter how you say it, the genre of vocally created music has come a long way in the past ten years. In their humble opinions, the word “A cappella” has become sort of taboo. An immediate reference is drawn to specific sub-cultures within the genre, such as doo-wop, barbershop, or collegiate chorus.

While all of these forms are great, MO5AIC represents a much different face of the A cappella experience – and one that is not easily definable. I suppose that’s why they stopped using the word “A cappella” to describe their sound. It’s true – they don’t use instruments. For them, the voice is the instrument. It’s the raw starting point for the sound. The way the voices are then arranged, tweaked and manipulated are how they define their sound. The way they choose to amplify, or distort, or alter the voice is really no different than how a guitar player might route through a distortion pedal or effects bank. The voice is the block they build upon.


Mo5aic is available to perform for parties, events, conventions, festivals and more.