miss ida blue


Miss Ida Blue is a female-led brothel blues group with its core emanating from the rich and roaring coos of Brooklyn born Miss Ida herself. With support from members of the boardwalk empire orchestra, "Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks", you'll hear blues as a drunk, raunchy, and illicit work of art.

Born and bred deep in mill basin, Brooklyn... long, lanky and shy, she eventually snuck her way to dark clubs and dives to sing her version of what’s true. Easily capable of voice-matching Amy Winehouse or Ella Fitzgerald, you’ll hear an urban mix of grinding city sass and whispered boop. she’s backed by an 8 piece orchestra made up of Grammy winning multi-instrumentalists cranking out sounds of Atlantic city’s boardwalk, old pros with direct lineage to the southern coastal brass of new Orleans’ great king Oliver, bluesmen of san Francisco’s famed Turk murphy band, eubie Blake’s ragtime piano protégé, and young prodigious kids thirsty to soak up everything they've got to offer.

With a repertoire of turn-of-the-century whorehouse blues and a heavy nod to soul and gospel, Miss Ida spits stories dripping with sex, love, loss and no good men. She’s left nothing to the imagination and leaves everything on the bandstand. Your girl will take you to a place that glistens with booze and sweat, offering secrets only her songs can pass on, and an explicit showing of how the blues can be audacious and adorned, loved and lusted, raunchy and ruckus.


Miss Ida Blue is available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals, and tours.