Since childhood, Michelle has explored various motion arts, athletics, and theatrical arts. She's always shown a passion for being on stage and performing; whether it be four year old Michelle putting on shows for her family in the living room or what she's commonly known by today, Miss Michelle Bell, spinning fire for a crowd of thousands.

Her first performance prop was the Hula Hoop, which she discovered in 2009. Over four years later, she has become a self-proclaimed "Hula Hoop Extraordinaire" perfecting a one of a kind acrobatic hoop dance with 1-8 hoops at a time. The hoop brought with it a discovery of other circus acts and fire arts. She is now an experienced in fire eating/breathing, fire fans, palm and foot torches, fire poi, fire hula hoop, aerial arts and is now premiering a new balancing act. Most often her acts include a fusion of any number of these acts to ensure a unique and exciting performance.


Michelle is available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals, and tours.