This is a new season in the life of Lexi. She has a new single "I Choose Love", a new album Eventually, and an even stronger desire to share her heart and talent with the world.

Last year's "Let Go" EP was received warmly from fans and critics alike. And now, after months in the studio, hundreds of shows, and thousands of new fans…Lexi is ready to take her career to an even higher level. Lexi is already widely regarded for having one of the most entertaining, energetic, and honest live shows in Christian music today. She is able to seamlessly transition from her upbeat, crowd moving original numbers to the most sincere and connected worship set in a heartbeat.

In a culture full of girls and young women seeking to conform to unrealistic perceptions of beauty, Lexi breaks the mold. Audiences leave feeling they've just connected with a real girl who shares her doubts, fears, and dreams openly and honestly. Her desire to share the love of God with the world is coupled with her calling to speak life into a generation of girls who need to be told that they are not alone. They are valued. They are loved. It is a lesson that is equally valuable for the young men she speaks to through her music. Lexi's ability to communicate to all people from every age and walk of life is her most endearing quality. She is a genuine girl with genuine music that everyone can identify with.


Lexi can perform for parties, events, conventions, festivals, and nightclubs.