Referred to by the magic industries insiders as, “Magic’s breath of fresh air”, Landon gives a performance that appeals to the masses; creating a unique realm of magic and sharing it with others his main goal. He offers a thrilling journey into the unknown, the unexpected and the unexplainable as it can only be described as The Magic of Landon.

Landon relocated to Las Vegas to further pursue his blossoming magic career in 2004. At the ripe age of 20, Landon was one of two magicians honored with the opportunity to represent The United States in The World Magic Seminar’s, International Stage Competitions; he is still the youngest performer to ever receive an invitation to compete in the competition held by “Las Vegas’ longest running and most famous magic convention.”

From his own television show “Landon’s Alaska” to America’s Got Talent, Landon has definitely seen his fair share of airtime. He placed 5th on the 2011 season of AGT and was featured on ten separate episodes, reaching an average viewing audience of over 13 million people.


The types of shows Landon offers are limitless; from performing privately for just a board of directors to the coliseum at Caesars to nightclubs as well as parties and events. No matter what the client wants, he'll have a show that they'll be very happy with.