Korabo was created by six taiko enthusiasts who had a vision of creating the first taiko business in Las Vegas. The group prides itself in making this dream come true and has been very successful performing at numerous events throughout the year, as well as teaching classes for performer driven students and leisure activity students all year long. Korabo has also built drums for groups from the West Coast to the East Coast. The backgrounds of the founders include music instruction, television writing/editing/shooting, martial arts, military, artist, and pilot. And our students include a doctor, construction worker, engineer, and sake expert. Korabo has a great partnership with Shima Time as our very own Jen Kong performs with Russell Mettke. Korabo attibutes its success to not only the support of friends, fans, students and businesses throughout the Las Vegas valley, but to people like Lena Prima who helped Korabo launch its very first public performance, and Colin Fukunaga of Fukuburger who has been a great supporter of the group. If you haven't already experienced Korabo in person, we hope that someday you will. And if you have experienced Korabo, THANK YOU!


Korabo is available for to perform for corporate events, workshops, weddings, festivals, nightclubs, parties and more!