Kamala's loving heart, intuitive spirit, and healing abilities have drawn people to her since she was a child. She began practicing yoga in the mid 90's to relieve stress and migraines, and rapidly began to notice the healing benefits of yoga. It made such a dramatic impact in her own life; she realized her calling to share these gifts with others. Kamala received her teacher certification at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. Fire dancing came naturally to Kamala with her solid background in dance and yoga. Her rhythmic dance style has been described as beautiful, sultry, and exotic, manipulating every fire tool with skill, precision and grace. It's been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Kamala will remind you of your spirit and guide you with patience, understanding, intuitive touch, and mellifluous words. The strength and passion that she exudes for her arts is absolutely contagious. Kamala is a licensed esthetician and has been a make-up artist for over 10 years. She also specializes in public relations, marketing and costume design.


Kamala can perform for parties, events, conventions, festivals, and nightclubs and be part of the ambiance for the night.