Jennifer has been a professional mermaid for the past 8 years. (known in the mermaid community as Sea Angel/Siren Jenn.) But has felt like a mermaid all her life; she even learned to swim before she walked. From kid parties to Playboy Mansion, she has swam or appeared around the Los Angeles area and parts of Northern California, where she is from. She has two elegant silicone tails to choose from; plus tops she has designed herself. Currently, she was mermaid consultant on new CW pilot 'Jane the Virgin' where she helped trained the actress to swim in a tail (her first tail) which the production used along with making the top for the scene the actress had to be a mermaid.

To support this unique life style, Jennifer is a working actress and stuntwoman in Los Angeles. She worked on both the new Spiderman movies, and was co-star in two pilots this season. In her spare time she trains children along with her daughter to swim like mermaids in a child size mono fin tail.


Jennifer is available for private parties, conventions and corporate events.