Jacqui is widely known for her unique Contortion and Aerial Contortion acts that will alter your state of belief when she shapes and molds her body into positions you thought were impossible. She performs for Music Videos, Corporate Events, Conventions, TV Shows, Movies, Festivals, Sporting Events, Red Carpet Events, Premieres, Weddings, Night Clubs, Parties, and Hotel and Venue Grand Openings. Recent perfomances include the Lakers and Clippers games at The Staples Center, Bratz: The Movie, CBS'S Eleventh Hour, internatinally known performer Sun's music video, CBS's Big Brother, The History Channel, LAX in Vegas, The Key Club in Hollywood, Universal's City Walk, Downtown Disney...etc but has also performed at many celebrity parties including Eddie Van Halen's wedding. Her music and costumes can be customized to match your party or event theme. Jacqui will bend over backwards to make your event sensational!


Jacqui is available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals & nightclubs.