Receiving her first "mixer" at the ripe age of 9, where Erica would play her mom’s R&B & hip-hop tapes and EQ them to her perfection while finding the perfect spots to transition from one track to the other explains where all the self-taught talent & passion comes from. "At an early age, I didn't just hear music, I would listen to every detail in every record, and even today I do this which has really helped develop my sound as a DJ & producer" she explains.

There were no schools, no pivotal mentors or best buddies that showed her the ropes early on and how could they? Her pace & progression to understanding music, was so evolved that she always just seemed, 'a step ahead'. Juilliard graduate or not, there was an obvious natural ability with all things music that lit a fire in her. She decided to move full time to New York City and having several stints at the legendary Limelight, she knew that it was time to get serious with her god given musical abilities. In a world of ever so growing DJ's and even the new explosion in female DJ's & producers, for Erica it was never a "Girl DJ" thing but more of just her doing what naturally she was gifted to do. "We are all artists and that’s the beauty of music, there are no boundaries to creativity and its incredible to see all the new talents coming though the scene". Certainly no stranger to becoming one of the NEW talents she has already achieved in both touring & now in her recent productions what most music artists wait their entire lives to receive. Erica Rhone has toured & played in some of the most competitive & respected cities in the world which include residencies in Asia at The W in Bali & appearances at Mint Club & Mary Magdalene, BASH in Bangkok, Attica in Singapore and a year in Australia playing ever club the down under city has to o‑er! "I love Asia, the energy there is great, they have such a passion for dance music, and I feel the scene there is just getting started".

Other shows include several appearances in her NYC backyard at Pacha, Cielo, Sullivan Room and Burning Man's Robot Heart infamous parties as well as one o‑'s at the legendary Playboy Mansion, St Barth's "La Plage", and many more. Globe trotting for gigs was always her desire early on and still remains but it's the studio work that has really begun to shine for Erica. With her first original production "Sabotage" seeing light on the legendary Nervous Records and being charted as Top 40 on the Beatport charts and played by numerous DJ's she continues to push for more original music. Her second single is now complete which of course was a taste of her early days of music by bringing back a childhood favorite by George Michael's WHAM and redoing their single "Tell Me". Instead of just sampling the song, she replayed all the parts and even put a new female vocal on top to make it more, "Her's". "I loved the original and always have but I wanted to modernize it a bit yet, while keeping that vintage vibe to it. I'm happy with how it came out and so far the reaction has been great" says Rhone.

With more ideas then time because of her, 'in-demand' tour diary, expect nothing less than incredible from Erica as it's this next year that we will really begin to see this true talent shine!


Nightclubs, Festivals, Parties, and Conventions. She spins Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.