dj vinom


Whether it is to express himself through dance or DJing, music has always captivated DJ Vinom as a motivational element. His success started back in 1999 when he premiered his mixes on 106 KMEL, a San Francisco Hip Hop radio station. There he gained momentum and recognition and was invited to spin at all the top night clubs in the SF Bay Area. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and he started his own Mobile DJ company. He used his spotlight to work for numerous red carpet events such as Movie Premieres, Post Wrap-up Parties, Award Shows, Conventions etc. He was featured in many commercials and was currently on the "Blown Away" Tour with Carrie Underwood as her opening DJ. Today, he continues to elevate his craft in producing high quality mixes in any environment.


DJ Vinom is available to perform for festivals, concerts, weddings, private events, corporate functions, bah mitzvahs, parties & nightclubs. He can do any style of music upon request.