dj miss mixx


Born and raised in the middle of the Arizona desert, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", was always an easy question for Miss Mixx to answer. Although the exact profession may have changed over the years, the field has remained the

In addition being a DJ, Miss Mixx is a vocalist as well. Her high energy sets and seamless mixes have made her highly sought after. Whether it be playing background music for a swanky celebrity cocktail soiree, spinning a top 40 mash up, hip hop, party faves in a club, playing heavy electro house at a festival, or engaging the crowd and driving customers and clients interaction at her corporate events, one thing is for sure. Her adaptability, passion for music and talent will make any event a success. She has performed for celebrities and has clients such as, Guess, Xbox, Jameson, Absolut, and many others.


Dj Miss Mixx is available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals, and tours.