dj livinh


DJ Livinh is certainly the new kid on the Las Vegas block, but he’s been rocking weddings for all brides and grooms for many years in the 50th state. As a former professional at one of Hawaii’s most eclectic and interactive DJ entertainment, DJ Livinh excels in taking crowds of many demographics on musical journeys and uniting them on the dance floor. Also a versatile dancer, DJ Livinh interacts with the audience by leading popular dances such as the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide and providing engaging emcee ability as well. He plays a wide variety of music ranging from retro, Old School Hip Hop, Top 40, Latin and EDM and has spun for major clients which include the Pro Bowl, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and All State Insurance.


DJ Livinh is available to perform for weddings, private events, corporate functions, bar mitzvahs, parties & nightclubs. He can do any style of music upon request.