cash presley


Front man, Lance Jon, is a strong, versatile singer with an amazing knack for interacting with the crowd band making everyone in the crowd a part of the show. Audiences will see him bounce from the stage to the top of the bar and back out on the dance floor… rockin it with the crowd.

Bass Player and female lead vocalist Mischa Marie mixes it up with some of the great hits dished out by the female country artists. She’s got a power packed voice, holds the groove and only stands still if she has to. That girl can ROCK!!!

Lead Guitarist Steve Burchell brings it hard with the rock moves and the country rock chops. This wild headed rocker doesn’t miss a lick as he runs around the dance floor shredding to his knees with the crowd hovering over him.

Dueling Fiddles? Miss Adrianna Thurber is gonna have you grinnin’ from ear to ear. This girl can seriously rock the fiddle and she does it from everywhere in the venue. Adrianna is not only gorgeous, she is a mega-entertainer and a highly trained musician that is sure to blow your boots off.

Princess Ashley is Adrianna’s electric fiddle counter-part. As talented as she is beautiful, Ashley brings a hard-rockin edge to the mastery of her craft. Ashley and Adrianna have played together all over the world and are now the power-duo that takes this show through the stratosphere.

Drummer Mark Allee originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and now residing in North Hollywood CA is been pounding drum heads into oblivion for over 12 Years. Mark has performed with such artists as Blue Man Group, Leon Hendrix, Cipes and The People, Stevie Wonder (percussion) and Niki Saletta of WB’s Seventh Heaven.

Country Girl a GoGo! When you come to a Cash Presley show you may not even notice the band for a few songs… The Cash Presley girls bring a level of excitement & entertainment long over due in the “new-country: scene. Sexy, Vivacious, Talented and HAWT… the Cash Presley girls RAWK!


Cash Presley can perform for private parties, events, nightclubs, weddings, conventions and more!