It all began at the young age of 17 for Brittani, when her sister declined a convention job and Brittani went behind her back and called the agent, volunteering herself for the job. It was CES 2006 and Brittani worked for Sony, and continued working for them for the next 4 years at that convention. In 2009 she had her first international contract and spent 3 months modeling in Shanghai, China for Vision Agency. In 2010 Brittani spent a summer in Bangkok, Thailand with Apple Model Management, and that fall she was in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia as a nanny to change things up a bit. Brittani revisited Shanghai China as a freelance model with a lot of success in 2012.

Brittani is a very well rounded model with her international experience she has graced hundreds of runways as well as hosting venues and events, and has been an Emcee for a few years as well. Her resume includes runway, print, hosting, promotions, commercial events, etc.


Brittani is available for corporate events, private parties, conventions, directional modeling, print, runway, commercial, etc.